A Software Developer

that loves UNIX

and creating tools.

Hi I'm Guilherme Rosado, with the alias odas0r (rosado on backwards). I'm from Portugal, and an avid software developer that spends often a lot of time in front of a laptop because coding has become an addiction. If I'm tired or bored somehow I'll be developing/improving some kind of tool, program, or just zettelkastening.

Besides liking software, I'm also a vocalist of a neo-soul band and I play ukulele and guitar (I have a song on Spotify). Forgot to mention that I like taking notes of everything, a total fan of zettelkasten.

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~/keywords $ odas0r keywords list --relevant
[docker] [docker-compose] [css] [javascript] [typescript] [bash] [git] [tui] [ci/cd] [nextjs] [tailwind] [serverless] [netlify] [pgtap] [vercel] [react] [golang] [sql] [npm] [webpack] [postcss] [postgres] [nodejs] [supabase] [figma] [curl] [linux] [pnpm] [monorepo] [networking] [tdd] [agile] [rest] [graphql] [jest] [xstate]
Note: These keywords represent tools, technologies and practices that I use on a daily basis. They should represent what I'm more familiar/comfortable with, even though I might not be an expert in most of them.


~/projects $ odas0r projects list --relevant


A simulation of an eletrical field using webgl.

[webgl] [js]


paleontology was a project made to an optional class (you're obligated to choose a different class) at college. It is a social network where you can share fossils, but lacking most features, only had 4 days to develop it.

[typescript] [react] [nextjs] [postgresql] [supabase]


If you use NextJs or React to build a website like this we cannot be friends.

[html] [tailwind] [postcss]


habit is a bash script that works as a journal of your habits/doings. You can visualize the weekly, monthly progress of those habits/doings.

[bash] [cli] [productivity]


Have you ever tried the npm completion of bash? It's horribly slow. I'm used to to autocomplete scripts, thus creating nr. It's a simple wrapper for the command npm run that uses the jq program to process the package.json files for scripts.

[bash] [autocomplete] [scripting]


kit-starter for developing applications with postgresql (supabase).

[gnu-make] [docker] [docker-compose] [pgtap] [supabase]


Send email icon Curriculum Vitae
~/milestone $ odas0r milestone list --orderBy year
  • Working full-time on Wallstreeters

    After that crazy year that I took from my studies, I resumed college by only doing 1-2 classes per semester. Currently I'm working full-time on my side project wallstreeters.io and learning on my own.

  • Worked on a start-up idea, Wallstreeters [current]

    Wallstreeters is a financial stock/crypto web app that gathers important and specific information on a dashboard so that you can create your own view of the state of your portfolio. We're a team of 3 (previously 2), and I'm responsible for maintaining the scripts, linters, workflow of the codebase, tech stack, and managing the database (postgres) by writing tests, queries, and the schema of the app.

  • Created a Web Design brand, thatdesign.xyz (got two clients)

    Met an amazing designer on the AoLado project, Yev, and started thatdesign so that we could do some freelancing.

  • Worked on a start-up idea, AoLado [abandoned]

    Aolado, previously, Zizzie, was a farmers marketplace web app. We were a team of 6, but only two developers and one designer. I dealt with almost everything, from setting up the codebase (linters, scripts, etc), choosing the tech stack to deployment.

  • Applied to the NOVA Startup Competition, got accepted, and pitched an idea to investors

    Applied during my presence on the AoLado project. We were tasked to develop a business plan and make a speech to present our idea.

  • Took a year off college

    I wanted something different, something that challenged me to survive by creating software. So I took a year off to learn different things and work on exciting projects.

  • Applied to Computer Science Degree in FCT Nova, Caparica

    After finishing Highschool I applied to several colleges that had the Computer Science degree, being accepted on FCT (Faculdade Ciências e Tecnologias) da Nova, Caparica.